Breathwork & Meditation

‘Prana’ is the Sanskrit word for life energy, or breath. It is known as ‘Chi’ by the Chinese, and ‘vital force’ by the West. On entering this world, our first action is to inhale and our last act is to exhale. When prana leaves the body, we die. In yoga we seek to sustain and enhance the life force as much as possible, using all our senses through breath, food, visual surroundings, smell, etc, absorbing as much prana as possible. The most beneficial way of doing this is through applying breathing techniques or practicing breath control – expanding the life force.

Breathing is one of the few autonomic functions of the body that we can control (although more experienced practitioners may control heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature and other functions previously believed to be autonomic). The breath is seen as an important link between our body, mind and spirit – moving from the purely physical realm, to the mental, to the spiritual.

There are many proven benefits to the practice of breathwork.

  • It strengthens the immune system
  • It calms and steadies the mind and improves focus and concentration
    It increases lung capacity
  • It increases the metabolic rate
  • Improves the digestive system
  • It removes excessive wastes (carbon dioxide and other toxic gases)

Many chronic illnesses benefit from breathing techniques, such as: Asthma, Allergies, Stress, Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroiditis, Heart Conditions, Insomnia, Depression etc.


Meditation is the practice of stilling the body and the mind. In meditation we empty our mind and get to a point of not thinking. We still the thought waves. Meditation is an inward journey into the discovery of ourselves.
We have forgotten who we are or what our real essence is. Our real essence is Love and what is love? It is a gentle process of bringing us back to ourselves– that is meditation. It is finding that stillness within us.

When we lose touch with our inner stillness, we lose touch with ourselves and when we lose touch with ourselves, we lose ourselves in the world.
Meditation gives one great clarity and inner strength to handle whatever we may be going through in life while still maintaining our balance.

Meditation finds expression in the way we live. With meditation, positive qualities begin to show.. Tranquillity replaces anger, contentment replaces greed, devotion replaces lust, humility replaces ego, and detached loving kindness to all replaces attachment and self-centredness. With meditation we are more focused, more skillful and more productive in anything we do. We naturally adjust priorities and behave in a manner that is in harmony with the inner Self and with external surroundings.

From meditation we learn to be present, more concentrated, more generous, in whatever we do throughout the day. The attitudes of surrender, patience, contentment and awareness that are strengthened through the process of meditation are naturally applied to every aspect of daily life. Our lives then reflect the peace, joy and calmness that develop automatically through the practice of meditation.


Let me say that first off, both my wife and I were quite sceptical of the whole meditation thing before we completed the three week program with you. We weren’t sure how much benefit it would be. But, after completing the three weeks with you I can honestly say that for the both of us it has definitely helped us to look at situations in a whole new light. We are both much calmer as a result and definitely less stressed. This has not completely removed the stress from our everyday lives, with two kids there will always be stress, but it has taught us to deal with it in a much more enlightened manner. I cannot thank you enough for helping us both learn the art of meditation, and I can guarantee you that we will continue to practice what you have taught us. Thank you again.

I have done a number of Breathing Classes with Girish and learnt a number of breathing techniques which I enjoyed but for me the biggest benefit has been using the breath work to come back to/into myself when I lose control of what I am doing and things go haywire. Girish is an extremely knowledgeable and kind teacher and would recommend this life skill to anyone.
Jennie Smith