Say Goodbye To Hormonal Imbalance With Some Robust Treatments
Say Goodbye To Hormonal Imbalance With Some Robust Treatments

Hormonal imbalance is growing day by day among both genders starting from early twenties to late sixties. The declining hormonal level is one of the most common problems in women who are at the stage of menopause and other health related issues. Hormonal imbalance is seen among women who conceive and after delivery it is the main issue that arises.

Reasons that causes imbalance in the hormones:

Obesity is one of the common reasons of growing hormonal imbalance.
Poor lifestyle such as unhealthy diet and inadequate nutritious content in food
Sedentary life style with no physical workout also results in hormonal imbalance.
Hormones found in dairy products and meat also causes hormonal imbalance
Bad gut function and digestive health problems
Bad quality cosmetics containing oestrogen other chemicals causes the hormonal problem
Stress and anxiety causes the rise in production of cortisol which also causes hormonal imbalance.

Make your life healthier and livelier by adapting certain medical and natural techniques:

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy: Bio identical hormones are exactly the same as those produced by the human body. The bio-identical hormones are not synthetic or replicas. They are made from soy and other plant based ingredients and consist similar molecular configuration of human bodies. They are absorbed efficiently through creams, capsules and suppositories.

Individualized therapy: This is one of the major advantages of the bio identical hormone replacement therapy. They are prescribed depending on the person’s need. The compounded bio-identical hormones are made specifically to match the individual’s requirements and body needs.

Safer than Synthetic Counterparts: Bio identical hormone replacement therapy is much safer than synthetic one because it is more closely resembles the natural hormones whereas the synthetic types do not. The bio identical hormones are easily accepted by the body.

Integrative medicine: Integrative medicine is a new approach to medical treatment. It combines both traditional and alternative medicine into one treatment plan that assist patients on every level. Integrative medicine takes the holistic approach to treat the patients suffering from hormonal imbalance. The integrative medicine practitioner will not only cure the illness but will take the responsibility to improve the life style of the patient and cure the illness from the root.

Natural and alternative medicines used in Integrative medicine:

Ayurveda and naturopathic medicine
Meditation, prayers, therapies that make use of creativity like music, art or dance
Proper diet chart with herbs, vitamins and dietary supplements
Use of energy therapies
Unani Tibb medicines

Integrative medicines of Sydney are one of the most prevalent treatments. Sivanna health has brought up their treatment plan in the form integrative medicines to treat the hormonal imbalance.

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