Nutritional Advice For People With Hypertension
Nutritional Advice For People With Hypertension

Hypertension is a an ailment that is becoming more common amongst the young generation. While some doctors say that the unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical exercise is the root cause of the problem, others suggest that increasing amounts of stress cannot be denied either as an integral factor. Simultaneous with the plethora of factors connected with the occurrence of hypertension are the endless treatments of the disease. However, an integrated approach to hypertension using Nutritional and Environmental Medicine is very effective as it is safe and devoid of any side effects.

Maintain a dietary diary

It is essential to be disciplined in daily dietary habits in order to keep hypertension within your control. However, it is always very difficult to maintain a strict diet plan regularly unless you have some written records in front of you. Therefore, a practical solution here is to keep a diary and record the food you consume every day. Do keep note of any day when you fail to remain restricted to your regulated diet chart. This will help in understanding how often you deceive yourself by eating foods that you are not supposed to. Eventually, you can amend your ways for ensuring a healthy life.

Consume great deal of potassium

The greatest problem that people with hypertension have is that their blood comprises of more sodium than required. This affects the normal pressure of blood that flows to and from the arteries. Here, the expert health practitioners at Holistic Gp Sydney suggest that you must increase the intake of potassium in order to balance the sodium potassium ratio in the blood. Eat an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cut down on processed food

The major preservative used in processed food is common salt. As you have already understood by now, salt is a major source of sodium. Therefore, it is detrimental for the health of people particularly those who have hypertension. Hence, for healthier living cut down on the consumption of processed food.