The prevalence of headaches & migraines are extremely common with many sufferers incapacitated to the point where their lives are regularly disrupted.

What causes headaches and migraines?

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache with the causes being dehydration, stress, muscle tension and structural problems. Eyestrain may also need to be investigated. Some of these therefore will need a referral to a massage, osteopathic or other type of therapist.

Migraines can be triggered via many different causes, such as erratic blood sugar levels, low progesterone levels, liver congestion, chronic sinusitis, certain food allergies initiated via the intestinal immune system or even nerve and muscle tension connected to the neck.

How do we treat headaches and migraines?

We treat the causes:

  • Constipation and bowel overload: slow bowel evacuation means that reabsorption occurs firstly into the lymphatics and then into the blood. Headaches can occur as the toxins that are recirculating generate chemical imbalances, stimulate inflammatory mediators, cause vasospasm and alter brain chemistry. Also the body in an attempt to protect itself retains fluid in order to dilute the toxins and thereby increases cranial pressure.
  • Allergies from toxins and foods: Known foods that stimulate inflammation include chocolate, citrus, cheeses, alcohol especially wine and smoked foods to name a few. Removal of these foods from the diet is necessary but treatment incorporates liver detoxification and liver support, as well as reducing the inflammatory response.
  • Hormonal imbalances: many women can experience headaches as part of PMS symptoms and menopausal changes. Usually this denotes that the liver is not functioning as affectively or that there is oestrogen dominance.
  • Sinus and other infections: can be a combination of bacteria, fungus and viruses that are mostly low-grade but may need medical or dental investigation. Sinus infection may be a result of a sluggish liver, dehydration, food allergies or constipation.

    Migraines will have similar treatment to headaches but other underlying causes include liver and gut dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, emotional issues as well as an over response to inflammatory mediators.