Hormonal Imbalance – An Integrated Approach To Successful Treatment
Hormonal Imbalance – An Integrated Approach To Successful Treatment

A significant portion of the body’s metabolism is influenced by the thyroid glands. Any imbalance in the secretion of the hormones results in health problems that range from minor to potentially life threatening. The imbalance is classified into Hyperthyroidism – excessive secretion and Hypothyroidism – insufficient secretion. More often than not, diagnosis used to be focused on the imbalance and ways to treat it. But, it is essential to identify the cause for the imbalance, which could also be triggered by other reasons.

Comprehensive treatment to prevent recurrence

Comprehensive treatment involves accurate diagnosis which attempt to identify the root causes, in relation to other hormonal imbalances. Treatments at Integrative Medicine Sydney clinic include reviews about lifestyle, food intolerances, gut health, diet and stress. Tests and information regarding the above will help offer a concerted and holistic approach to treat Thyroid Problems Sydney more effectively.

  • Thyroid imbalance and effects
  • Some of the problems that occur frequently as a result of thyroid imbalance are
  • Excessive Weight Gain
  • Intolerance to cold
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Dry skin
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Puffy Eyelids
  • Irregular Menstrual Flow
  • Infertility
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Weight Loss
  • Moist Palms
  • Rapid and Irregular Heartbeat
  • Bulging Eyes
  • Unblinking Stare
  • Vision Changes
  • Excessive Hunger
  • Frequent Bowel Movements
  • Heat Intolerance

Restoring balance to remain healthy, longer

Treatment at Integrative Medicine Sydney clinic aims to restore thyroid balance through a holistic approach. For instance, stress has a direct influence on pituitary health and thyroid. Similarly, in depth analysis of diet is carried out. This is to determine the effects of diet which is a contributing factor in thyroid problems due to deficiencies in nutrition. A third aspect that is checked is gluten intolerance which is the reaction that many people have after consuming wheat, barley and rye. Finally, lifestyles are analysed and changes recommended. All of this contribute to the successful management of Thyroid Problems Sydney.