General Practice

Dr Raniga is a qualified GP who practices Family Medicine, providing comprehensive primary health care to people of all ages. Based on knowledge of the patient in the context of the family and the community, she can help you with physical and mental health problems, including short and long term illnesses, injuries, physical and emotional issues like stress, anxiety, depression and relationship problems. Another important role is preventive care, which might include tests to detect an illness early and providing you with advice on a healthy lifestyle. For example, she can help you quit smoking, cut down on your drinking, advise you on healthy eating the benefits of regular exercise. If she thinks it’s a good idea to see another doctor, health care professional, specialist or community services practitioner for further help, Dr Raniga will arrange a referral for you.

Sivanna’s GP services include:

  • Family medicine
  • women’s health
  • men’s health
  • chronic illness
  • wellness checks
  • medical examinations
  • pathology investigations
  • health assessments
  • insurance examinations

Best of all, GPs at Sivanna Health are focused on ‘wellness’ rather than sickness and are hence passionate about preventative healthcare; treating you for the long-term and helping you avoid unnecessary long-term health complications.

Corporate Medicine: Besides providing corporate wellness strategies for achieving optimal health and wellness, Dr Jaimini Raniga also offers services for pathology, and medical examinations for life insurance purposes. This includes a full range of pathology, medical and paramedical services. She also offers a wellness screen and health check, as well as preventive health care checks. Further services include arranging any required pathology, ECG, Stress Tests, Holtor monitoring and specialist referrals as indicated.