Health and Life Coaching

We live in a very fast paced society, in a world that is changing so rapidly that we are often in fear of being left behind. We are all faced with challenges and anxieties that we need to overcome to make progress in our lives. We ask, “How do I cope with all these changes? How do I find happiness and fulfillment in my life?”

Life coaching is a valuable tool as it provides you the client, with insight and guidance from an outside vantage point. The profession is similar to the practice of an attorney or a physician, the difference being that coaching is an ongoing collaborative partnership, built on taking action.

In this powerful alliance, clients find themselves:

  • Doing more than they would on their own
  • Taking themselves more seriously;
  • Creating momentum and consistency;
  • Taking more effective and focused action; and
  • Becoming more balanced and fulfilled.

When should you hire a coach? When you are making a career transition, starting a new business, feeling dissatisfied in any area of your life, reevaluating your life choices or simply looking for a personal and professional breakthrough.

Coaching is action oriented. It does not matter how you got to where you are or who is to blame for how you turned out. It is about moving forward and not dwelling on the past. With a coach guiding you, you are able to define your dreams, recognize what is holding you back, and move forward with great momentum and clarity of vision. It is about:

Who you are,
Where you are right now,
Where you would like to be,
………and how to get there.

Health and Wellness Coaching
Our choice of lifestyle has a direct affect our health. Likewise, our health has a direct affect our lifestyle. It makes sense that they need to be in balance. Our work-life balance is anything but balanced – we work long often stressful hours, we eat on the run,often junk food, we eat late at night and then go to bed. Is it any wonder that we still feel tired when we get up in the morning?

Our hectic lifestyles are taking a toll on our health and wellbeing.

Do any of the following apply to you? Are you:

  • Always tired?
  • Lacking energy?
  • Not meeting your goals?
  • Working long hours?
  • Stressed?
  • Burnt-out?
  • Looking unwell?
  • Not working at your full capacity?
  • Looking for a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle?

How can our Health and Wellness coaching help you? Good health is that state of equilibrium where the mind and the body work in harmony. Sivanna’s Health & Wellness coach is there as an advocate for your health and wellbeing, to inspire and support your change and development. Operating from a mindset that is fundamentally different from yours, we are there to stand alongside you as a guide. The alliance between you and your professional coach, through the benefit of that relationship, brings about a lasting lifestyle change.