Have You Thought Of Getting Your Cortisol Levels Checked?
Have You Thought Of Getting Your Cortisol Levels Checked?

Cortisol levels checkedStressed Out & Difficulty losing weight?

If you’ve been under stress lately, are having trouble losing body fat and have been noticeably irritable, it may be a good time to have your cortisol levels tested.
Cortisol is a hormone generally triggered by stress and generated from the adrenal glands. If there is too much, it can raise blood pressure, halt weight loss and shrink the hippocampus in your brain, which is involved in memory and emotions.

One thinks of tracking hormones such as Oestrogen, Progesterone, Thyroid hormones and Testosterone levels when women are trying to conceive, but we ignore the biggest stress hormone Cortisol that can make us feel out of whack and struggle with weight reduction.

Cortisol levels are indicators of Burnout levels. Burnout reduces cortisol levels below the normal range, meaning people are unable to react to stressful situations appropriately.
They are diagnosed many times as being depressed, hence a prescription of an antidepressant, which further lowers cortisol levels.

Restoring levels of cortisol can help you regain memory, feel emotionally balanced, making weight reduction easier, mood stabilisation, helps with better blood pressure control, prevents diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Can you think of reasons why on earth you would not bother testing your cortisol levels?

There are many ways that your cortisol levels can be checked.

Blood– commonly used by health care professionals, the disadvantage is there is a lack of a long sample window. You are only measuring 10 to 15 seconds of where your levels were when the needle is inserted to get a sample.

Saliva– a take home test recommended by Integrated doctors or practitioners. this is collected four different times of the day, this can give a clearer picture of the average levels.
It can help spot trends though it measures only 1% of cortisol levels

Urine– fairly new on the scene. it shows a picture over time if the test is done throughout the day, and reads more than just hormone levels.

Hair– not available in Australia but gives a 90 day perspective on cortisol levels. these are available in the States and Canada.

At Sivanna Health we treat the cause of disease and specialise in managing stress and preventing the detrimental effects stress has on health. Normalise your cortisol levels by the correct eating, correct thinking and correct lifestyle.