Guide to the Concepts of Integrative Medicine
Guide to the Concepts of Integrative Medicine

Nutritional and Environmental Medicine is one of the modalities utilised in Integrative medicine, which is a system of medicine that takes into account the whole person, inclusive of his/her lifestyle. It stresses the importance of the therapeutic relationship between the patient with his/her practitioner.

Sivanna Health provides Integrative medicine in Sydney it reaffirms the integrity of the relationship between patient and practitioner. The philosophy is to consider the whole person,including their lifestyle. The healthcare professionals at Sivanna Health utilise appropriate therapeutic approaches in order to achieve optimal healing and health.

Integrative medicine boasts a combination of modern medicine and the popular complementary modalities that are evidence based. The combination of proven natural therapies with modern medicine is a more effective approach for the long term benefits of the patient especially in chronic medical diseases. They assist in reducing stress, relieving physical suffering, enhancing the resilience and maintaining the well-being of the patients.

Conventional medicine predominates the health industry in the west, but there is a definite change or demand for it to coexist with various healing traditions. A number of approaches have established their roots in various non-Western cultures. Integrative medicine with its increasing popularity is being regarded as the medical model of the future.

Integrative Medicine that offers a personalised approach and treats the cause of illness is the practitioners priority noting the spiritual, social, emotional, physical and environmental factors influencing the individual’s illness. Only after having considered all these factors can true healing take place.