Effective Treatment For Hormonal Health And Longevity
Effective Treatment For Hormonal Health And Longevity

Poor regulation of modern lifestyle leading to various chronic diseases has increased the demand of health and wellness centres that provide a truly integrative and holistic approach. It incorporates the use of nutrition, lifestyle regulation and natural medicines. These health institutes are offering not just treatment programs, but also self help tools and education.

Compassion, care and personal attention with individualisation of treatment programs is the foundation of this health model.

A perfect blend of ancient wisdom with modern evidence based treatments are offered in these health institutes.

Integrative Medicine: It is a revolutionary approach to heal people, to preserve health, increase longevity and effective recovery from any illness. The integrative medicine approach is designed to treat the person and not just the disease. It is based on a partnership between a doctor and a patient with an aim to treat the mind, body and spirit.

Integrative medicine Sydney is one of the centres, namely Sivanna Health situated in Sydney providing the perfect blend of old and new healing methods, which accelerates the natural healing mechanism. It uses evidence based therapeutic approaches.

Integrated Medicine Sydney allows finding the best health solutions by understanding the individual requirements for attaining equilibrium and harmony.

Health revolves around four main pillars.

  • Relationship: nurturing relationships are a cornerstone to health, achieved through harmonious relationships with family friends and colleagues.
  • Clean environment: Pollution, chemicals and toxin free environment, closer to nature and fresh air.
  • Diet and lifestyle: Daily regime of eating nourishing and nutrient dense foods, and a daily exercise routine.
  • Detoxification: It defines the purity of the body, relieving oneself from all the accumulated toxic wastes within the body.
  • Integrative medicine is an effective way to approach the treatment of chronic illnesses.

Bio- Identical Hormone Replacement: Refers to the replacement of deficient hormones ,the structure mimics the exact structure of the human hormone equivalent. These hormones are at their optimal levels in the youth.

Bio -identical hormones are plant based and are manufactured in a laboratory from wild yam.

The aim of hormone replacement is to place the hormones back into a healthy range. Once this homeostasis is achieved the risk to hormone related diseases is diminished.

Bio-identical hormone replacement has found a place in helping men and women who are unable to tolerate the more conventional forms of hormone treatments.

It is also an individualised form of treatment that can me tailored to a patients needs.

It is commonly used in the phase where hormonal imbalance and deficiency is most pronounced such as during the menopause, post menopause and andropause in men.

Some of the areas it is most popularly used to assist with is post menopausal stress, anxiety, lack of sexual drive, osteoporosis and lack of stamina.

In many circumstances if the hormones are correctly balanced it will decreases body fat and increase lean muscle.

Sivanna Health also provides Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Unani Tibb, Massage, Nutrition and Environmental medicine along side other services. The main aim is to restore health by preventing the onset of illness but also reversing the disease process.