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Welcome to Sivanna Health

Treating the cause

Sivanna health is about treating the cause of illness rather than the symptoms to ensure long lasting health and wellbeing. It utilises an Integrative and holistic approach to provide individual health solutions. Our team of practitioners offer both conventional and complementary approaches to promote optimal health.Sivanna Health is beyond the normal general practice offering a one stop shop for a range of services to treat multiple conditions which require longer appointments for a patient centric health evaluation. We listen to what you have to say. We offer excellence in meeting your health goals.

More About Sivanna Health

Sivanna Health is an elegant boutique practice in Sydney, situated in a convenient area of Castle Hill easily accessible by several motorways and public transport with ample parking spaces. Sivanna Health provides an integrated approach to your health problems, using the wisdom and strengths of conventional medicine along with complementary modalities.

The Sivanna Philosophy is to treat the cause of your Dis-ease, so you can achieve optimal health and feel at ease.

Sivanna Health is truly an Oasis amongst the hectic lifestyle of Sydney, where your journey to health can be nurtured in a relaxing and peaceful environment. Our practitioners are highly qualified to assist you with a customised approach to your individual health needs.

Vision Statement:

Sivanna Health utilises the best of ancient and modern medicine to inspire transformation Of Health and Well being

Mission Statement:

Sivanna Health is a nurturing and relaxing wholistic facility that uses a patient centred approach to educate and address the cause.

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81 Showground RoadCastle Hill NSW 2154Tel: 02-9659 7181Fax: 02-9659

Sivanna means “The Oasis of Enlightenment”. For those seeking total wellness, the Sivanna Health & Wellness concept offers a personalised, truly holisitic approach that embraces Mind, Body and Soul to create an oasis of healthy balance within the body